Examples of performed research

  • Strength analysis of materials in terms of strain rate effect
  • Strength, dynamic and fatigue analysis,
  • Analysis of fast-changing phenomena in the 0 - 20 km/s velocity range,
  • Analysis of energy consumption of materials, including composite materials based on a metallic and polymeric matrix reinforced with continuous fibers and particles,
  • Analysis of energy consumption of layered materials,
  • Analysis of energy consumption of ceramic materials,
  • Numerical optimization in the elastic and plastic/viscoelastic range,
  • Numerical analysis of nonlinearly elastic and loose materials,
  • Experimental modal analysis,
  • Numerical modal analysis,
  • Identification of the collision mechanics,
  • Analysis of impacts in terms of human injury measures,
  • Effect of energy consumption of fast-changing phenomena in terms of man-machine interaction,
  • Acoustic emission and its application,
  • Homogenization methods in material modeling.

Exemplary numerical simulations:

Exemplary ballistic experiments: